Cubase set the general volume to the max each time

as I said on title cubase set the general volume of my macbook to the max each time I lauch a projet .

it destroy my ears …
please how can I disable this function ??

You must be using the Mac’s onboard sound card, and the master fader in Cubase is controlling it. That’s just how it has to be without a dedicated audio interface.

You should make a signature for this forum which includes you’re system specs. :wink:

thank’s for the reply

But this function is ridiculus ,

  • if i load cubase or new project
  • if I change buffer size
  • Sometimes it happen randomly after a cpu spike because of using pluggins the vollume go to the max …

it’s the only daw or aplication in general who cause this BUG … i use protools logic and ableton , i don’t remember this bug on cubase 7 …

Please do something !! When i whant to work without outboard soundcard , I damaged my ears a lot …

Same problem here. Ears already blown several times! This is criminal assault!
MacBook Pro 8,3

Earlier versions of Cubase didn’t have that bug.
So, it IS a BUG and not wrong usage of machines.

Go to:

Devices -> Device setup -> (your audio interface name) -> Control Panel -> untick “Set device attenuation to 0 db”