Cubase should clean up after itself, not make it worse!

 track pictures are used in (project)
create a map called "Track Images";
do NOTHING and absolutely not create a folder anyway just because;

Pseudo code for free. You can thank me now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

I also would love to see a folder called “Resources” or whatever wher all strange stuff is put so the only folders you see in a project map is

And then the latest autosaved song.cpr file is in the root of the project of course. But the rest I never or very seldom have any use for. Put song-04.bak files in a bak folder in the resource folder?

If you have a handful of song files, a handful of bak files and all sorts of pdf score files and lyrics files and notes and … it can get messy? I don’t know why the metronome got so much love a few years ago it can almost play a song on it’s own but the core functionality is not up to 2022 standards? Is it only me?

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MORE MESS.: redundant installations following upgrades and updates.

I’ve a suspicion that since upgrading Pro 11 (from elements) and subsequently updating Pro 11, the program has multiple locations and has lost track of the location of PRESET SUBFOLDERS.

Yesterday I wondered why I had no subfolders showing in the Project logical editor (PLE) preset list having followed an online tutorial on PLE I expected subfolders to be present in my PLE (but there isn’t). An investigation into WIN10 folders revealed multiple STEINBERG folder structures. So the latest Pro 11 upgrade refers the file structure under USERS APPDATA where the PRESETS/Project logical Editor (PLE) folder has NO subfolders. I found the PLE subfolders within the PROGRAMS STEINBERG file structure (which the current installation does not refer to). I have fixed this temporarily by copying the (PROGRAMS) PLE subfolders to the USER APDATA Steinberg folder structure - which the current updated installation refers to.

Why has this happened? Will I find increasing numbers of redundant installations with every update of PRO?

How can I safely remove redundant installations?