Cubase shows a different normalization value than the value I specified

Can anyone help me with Normalization? I record an audio file, select it, select Peak Normalization, set the level to -0.1 db, but Cubase 11 pro always displays -3.0 db on the master (or on the slider of the audio channel). At the same time, when I look at the picture of what I recorded, the picture seems to have normalized, ie the highest peak really visually goes almost to 0. What is it about? Why on the peakmeter I do not see -0.1 for the highest peak, as I set? This is driving me crazy, please help me with this.
Thanks in advance.


Are the faders set to 0.0dB? Isn’t any plug-in involved or the Channel Strip? Is the panner set to the Center?

Faders - 0db
No plug-in
Panorama- center

Maybe pan law?

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What about the Channel Strip?

I have to say, the screenshot from the Sample Rotor down look like the peak is -0.1. This would look like almost at the top. Could you Zoom In (vertically and horizontality) so we can see me details?

Check your project settings. Do you have the pan law set to equal power?

What you see on meters is normal because it is mono audio file. If you put it on mono track and pan it hard left or right you should get the value you expect on the meters. If it’s panned center or it is on stereo track the reading will be lower.

You can also change the pan law to 0 and check the meters.

Yes, you are right, the peak really goes to -0.1 on the graph, that is what is not clear to me … At that point the display is down to -0.1, and at the peak meter it is -0.3

You are right about both things. Stereo pan law is set to -3 db :blush:

Also, when I move the panorama completely left or right, the peak meter shows -0.1

Thanks a lot to everyone for the answers and for the help. I really appreciate that.
If you don’t hate yours, and if you have time, write to me and those who don’t know enough (like me) why this is happening, that is, why is there one display on the stereo meter and another on the monometer? So what leads to that?
Once again, thank you!