Cubase Shuts Down Computer

Hey im running cubase 6.5 on windows vista with a HP G60 labtop with 3 gigs ram, pentium dual core processor, and 2 ghz processor. Whenever i run cubase I hear little skips and crackles and eventually it becomes unlistenable with lagging. The ASIO time usage and overload meters light up and after maybe 30 seconds after every time i try to play a song im working on my computer gets a blue screen and shuts itself down. Is there any correlation between this problem and windows vista or is it hardware related?

This is definitely hardware related.

Download the file on this site and follow the instructions there to find the culprit. Alot of people ask if this is safe or some kind of scam but I’ve run this on my own computer and it’s great.

Unless this is another running gag that system is about 15 years old and too out of date to run anything as modern as Cubase SX let alone 6.5.
How humungously large are your “songs”?

Yeah, that system is a bit out of date for a 2012 software product.

Maybe start the Task Manager (if the computer can handle it) while starting Cubase, loading the project and play it, and you should get an easy picture of how strained your computer system is overall?

Dual core 2GHz Pentium 15 years old? 5 years old perhaps. Can I have a go in your time machine? :slight_smile:

For the record I am using a similarly specified Acer laptop, about 4 years old, with Windows XP and Cubase 6.5 with no issues. (Yes, I am skint and bloody minded). I have to disable the wireless network (which causes intermittent interruptions varying between about 5 and 30 seconds) and the power monitoring (which causes interruptions at exactly 60 second intervals).

While I concur with trying the DPC Latency checker mentioned above, the fact that you are getting blue screens suggests either hardware or driver issues.

Might as well be 15 years old. I doubt you have no issues. That or you soon will.
Who buys Cubase 6.5 which is recommended for i7 systems and W7 and later and runs it on systems worth less than half the price of Cubase and much less reliable than the old Atari ? :unamused: And then expects NO problems. :laughing:
Those systems are like circus clown’s cars, fall to bits after four bars of music. :mrgreen:
Comedians, eh. Don’t you just love them to bits?

That will be hardware issues as the drivers will long ago have ceased being written. :mrgreen: