Cubase shutting down on fast computer

I have a problem which is making me go slightly mad.
Earlier i reported that Cubase Essential was shutting down, and that it was asking for more ram.
I have 16 gb’s of ram, so i was told that Cubase Essential 5 was running 32-bit and only could access 2 gb’s of ram.
I therefore bought the new Cubase 6, i made it possible for me to add about three more midi-instruments, but now Cubase crashes again.
I have a Mac Pro (the tower) from 2009, it has 2 x 2,26 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processors with 8 cores.
I am running the new Mac OSX lion, and i have 8x2 gb’s of ram. I have 1,2 TB left on my hard drive. I even installed a program to speed up the fan, but Cubase still shuts down if i edit too much, i can’t even add a single VST to my current orchestration. I have an M-audio Fast Track Ultra interface.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :mrgreen:

Have you tried running Cubase in 64-bit?

I thought i was. How can i do that?

I found out how to open it in 64-bit

Thank you! I can’t believe it was as simple as that! You made my day. :mrgreen: