Cubase skin not found

Done this loads of times without problems from my provider, seems unlikely they would have a firewall to stop this particular download…but I take your point…bit difficult to go somewhere else to try a download though.

Can you shed any light on why the library manager will not uninstall? or where it might be? if i do a search windows finds it but if I click on the result nothing happens


Sorry, I don’t know why this happens and how to solve it.

Ok thanks Martin…looks like I’m not gonna be able to use Cubase…don’t know where to go from here…I’ve considered doing a clean re install of windows but the fact that the same thing is happening on three different computers puts me off that idea.

There is clearly a problem with corrupt installation files as described on Steinbergs download page, can’t help thinking this has got something to do with my problems, particularly why I can’t uninstall the library manager

The “network resource that is unavailable” error is the best clue you’ve got. I’d focus on that. For example, are the installation files on a network share? Is your user profile on a network share (echo %USERPROFILE%)? When you install Windows, is there a guide you follow (for example, to improve privacy/lock things down)? Or to put it differently, what’s common about the the PCs you tried installing it on?

Also, you should open a ticket with Steinberg support to see if they can help you out. Good luck!

Both figures are the same depending on with what and how you view the file. I would say it has downloaded correctly.

Hi, I ended up re installing windows 10, after that Cubase installed without problems, never figured out why it wouldn’t install before, troubleshooting isn’t one of my very few skills so a re install of W10 was my best and probably quickest option…still a bit curious that the library manager would not uninstall…
cheers, Kevin