Cubase SL Doesn't Recognize .all files (Cubase VST)

Hello All,
I’m trying to import my Cubase VST files into SL 3 so I can save them as CPR files. There’s a problem getting Cubase SL 3 to recognize .all files. It has worked in previous attempts but is now telling me that .all files are invalid project files. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I would like to ressurect some important projects. Thanks in advance!


Anyone know anythng about this? Cubase SL3 is supposed to recognize .ALL files. It’s the only way to transfer projects to the newer CPR files.

On another note, I couldn’t even get Cubase VST to back up the project. It just wouldn’t respond when I clicked on “save to backup”. Everything else works but that.

I’d approach Steiny but that whole file transition thread is locked and they’re not supporting it.

Use File | Import instead of File | Open

Thanks for the hit Jarno! I’ll give that a shot.