CUBASE SL1 - Dongle question

Hi guys, I love my cubase SL1 program i bought in 2003, it came with a dongle key and was wondering how i protect it in case i ever loose it. What can i do in case i loose it or it breaks and i need another one? Can i drop it in an ILOK or something?? THANKS DOC

As long as you’ve registered it at MySteinberg, you’re covered in the event of loss or theft.

Well it was so long ago i believe it was an upgrade from 3.6 i did through email, I believe i registered it but dont know how to double check it or reregister. Do you know if i can double check it or reregister somehow, i know a while ago for some reason i had to re register the mysteinberg for some reason so my new login info doesnt tell me anything. THANKS ALOT FOR THE QUICK RESPONSE!

Send an e-mail to info @ steinberg . de explaining the situation. They should be able to hook you up.

sooooo, i emailed steinberg about info on what to do in case my dongle breaks or i loose it and they responded by telling me to register it here which i did then download elisencer, well after downloading elisencer my SL1 now doesnt open, i uninstalled elicenser and cubase, then tried reinstalling cubase and it wont load now, so after 10 years and a email question i cant load SL1 back onto my computer, anyone have a clue what i should do to get my SL1 to load? There was nothing wrong with it or my computer or dongle.

I told you to e-mail them asking if you were in fact registered.

You need to re-install Syncrosoft that came with sl1 in the first place. Maybe the legacy version available at eLicenser would also work.

hey thanks for the quick response! i did email them asking that stuff and they told me to download the elicenser and register, so i did, i dont understand what your trying to say, where can i find “legacy” on that elisencer website?

Syncrosoft changed to eLicenser when Steiny bought it out. If you look in the downloads section of the site, you should see the last Syncrosoft version available, or as I said use the version that came on the SL1 install disk. You may have to do it in overwrite mode, Google for instructions on that.

The Syncrosoft isnt downloading from my disk, i dont see the last one avaialable anywhere, this cant be happening.

Run it from the disk or just drag it to the Desktop.

Nothing is working, i cant find a removal tool for elicenser on there website. i revoved it from my control panel but cubase still wont load from the disk. here is the response i got from support.

Just wanna make sure you have me registered for my SL1, its been so long and my dongle is getting old and i wanna make sure if it breaks or i loose it i could get a new one OR can i put it in ILOK somehow? i believe it was an upgrade from 3.6 which i should be registered for! THANKS BUD!

Steinberg does not use iLok. You could purchase a new USB eLicenser Key and transfer the license to the new key. Here’s a link to where you could purchase a replacement USB eLicenser Key:

Cubase SL 1.x is no longer supported. You can follow these instructions to register the USB dongle in your account:
First go to this link and download and install the latest eLicenser Control Center software:

Then go to Download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center. Then connect your USB key. Open the License Control Center (PC: Start menu, All Programs, eLicenser, eLCC. MAC: Applications, License Control Center), and you will see your 12 digit USB key number.
Please login to MySteinberg Sign in and go to Product Registration. Choose the option to register a Product with Steinberg Key. Enter your 12 digit USB key number. If you have any trouble with this registration, please reply to this email.
Here is a video guide on registering your USB key: - YouTube

Thank you.
Steinberg Support



First, you gave them way too much info and got them confused. You should have never mentioned iLok. You should have just asked them to confirm your software was registered at MySteinberg, that’s it. I’ve dealt with Brad and the support left everything to be desired.

There’s no un-installer, you have to re-install in overwrite mode. Like I said, Google for instructions.

You don’t seem to be following direction very well. Maybe a step back and a few deep breaths and then a re-read of this thread would be best. That’s what I do when it gets a little much.

hey brotha thanks for the encouragement, i know what you mean! i just got so much going on and i’m loosing work left and right just because of something so…well you know! all i want is my computer back, elicenser tottally messed my computer up. i thought i mentioned everything i should have, when i bought cubase in 2002, you just installed it , put the key in and done, i’m totally lost now, i dont know what to do next , brad hasnt contacted me in days, i guess i’ll try your idea, nothing could get worse! i also noticed after uninstalling elisencer it seems to install back buy itself, ughh, peace brotha and thank you very much!

The thing that screwed things up was installing the eLicenser software. Thinking about it, the new software requires .NET version 2.x or something to run. Installing that from MS update may get you going. Check the eLicenser site for the specific .NET version needed.

Hey Mashed mitten! since your the only one giving me help, after a good night sleep i went over everything and believe i did everything correctly and my support questions were good too. i mentioned ilok to emphasize how little i new about elisencer since i never needed it., i did exactly what brad(support) said but they should have told me “When your ready to get that replacement dongle do this” instead of telling me to download something that wont work with my SL1 (he mentioned in a second email the Elicenser might not work) the Elisencer site is SO vague, it dont tell you if it works with SL1. Well i love my program and DONT want any new products, i just want to go back to the way it was before i installed Elisencer. I tried removing all Elicenser files and cubase sl1`and i still cant install SL1 back(it stops at “choose destination file”) I still havent tried your idea with the safe mode, i’m preparing for that now, thanks for all your help, if i get my SL1 back and running i will post what i did to get there!

Ok folks (mashedmitten haha), the friggin saga is over! The steinberg support guy emailed me telling me i have to wipe the computer and start over reinstalling windows, well i’ll be damned if thats gonna happen so luckily i’m a well know musician with great fans all over the world and one came to my rescue tonight and after 3 hours of him logged onto my computer he somehow made it all right! So i really have no good advise to anyone about this except well if it aint broke dont try to fix it OR better yet theres such thing as trying to be TOO carefull haha, i guess the support guy should have just told me SL1 is not supported in anyway, end of story, but hey poop happens i lost 4 days of work it could have been alot worse! I LOVE MY 2002 CUBASE! I LOVE MASHEDMITTEN! I’TS BEEN FUN! PEACE PEEPS HOPE I’M NEVER ON HERE AGAIN! (in a good way)