cubase sl2 error message and access denied issues..please he

Im using cl2 and have not recorded for several months but today I opened up a project and each time I clicked on a track I get 2 pop up msgs

1 Cannot create record file
2 Cannot find record file

Ive had this happen a million times and can find no explanation as to what a record file is

also I edited the project only to be told when I went to save it that access was denied and the old version of the project was saved. Luckily I hadn’t spent all day working on this only to find my access denied.

my experience with cubase has never been good so before I uninstall and try something else could someone please shed some light on why my record files can’t be seen or created, why I don’t have access to my own files and why even though its loaded as recommended I constantly have to reinstall my vst’s ( this time it was bfd 2) It hasn’t been touched for months and when I do come to use it, it won’t work

any suggestions greatly appreciated


Ive sorted it…needed to run cubase as administrator :slight_smile: