cubase SL3 adding an old update keeps failing

i have an old cubase SL3 from my college days from around 2005
it is build 9.1.0 i believe -in otherwords i have one of the early genuine dvds from cubase- and i am attempting to add the 2nd of the only updates i can find on the steinberg site.

however each time i try this i keep getting a notification that other processes on my (win7) laptop are interfering with the installation and i must restart my laptop and start installing the update all over again.

i have tried ending any uneeded processes but keep getting the same failing.

is the ANY advice at all?

it has to be mentioned that my laptop is pretty cruddy and cant handle DAWs very well, however i have had no issues with audacity or ableton in this respect with updating.

i await any advice whatsoever eagerly!

many thanks!

I might be interested in buying this version of cubase from you if it includes license and hardware dongle. If you can’t get it up and running, let me know if you’re interested in selling it.