Cubase Soft eLicense clarification needed

Up until now I’ve been fine switching my USB eLicense dongle between my main computer and my laptop, but it got damaged somehow (nobody else here so I must have stumbled into it) and I need to run a mobile session tomorrow on the laptop.
Here’s my understanding of the Soft eLicense:
The Soft eLicense is good on only one computer at a time, just like the USB license. To move the Soft eLicense to another computer I must deactivate the software in my main computer - then reactivate on the laptop.

Is this correct? I’ve read all 247 posts in the forum and the Support FAQs and still am not sure.

The soft eLicense can’t be used for Artist or Pro versions and in the case of Elements or LE/AI, once the license is on a USB eLicenser, it can’t be moved back to a soft eLicenser.
But, what you wrote is correct…

Yes that is how the soft eLicense works. However it is only available for Elements (or lower). If you have Artist or Pro you must use the dongle. Your sig doesn’t specify which version of Cubase you use (hint, hint), but based on the other items listed I’m guessing you’ll need that dongle.

Thanks, Rodger and Jaslan. (as I mumble pointing to myself, “What an ignamoramous! What a maroon!”) That’ll teach me not to read the whole manual.
Much appreciated.