Cubase songs in iCloud Drive duplicate automatically

Hello everyone,
I work with Cubase 13 Pro and I save my CPRs directly to iCloud Drive. This had been working without any problems for several years. For some time now I have noticed that copies of my CPRs are constantly being created with a consecutive number. So, nothing like what happens when I choose “save new version” (Song-01) but Song 1, Song 2, Song 3 etc. Most of the time the original arrangement remains the current one, so I simply delete all songs with an incremented number. I suppose this has something to do with iCloud synchronization and maybe a copy is created if the original file cannot be updated. But I can’t really explain why this happens.
Does anyone know the problem or have an idea what exactly the cause is?

Best regards and thanks!


This is not a good idea. It’s much better to store the file locally and back it up later.

Are these *.cpr files or *.bak?