Cubase sound content download

Hi all!,
I am a Cubase Pro 11 user and hope not to be off topic.
Just a simple question as it’s not clear for me:
I just discovered that I was missing Alternative essential for Groove Agent.
I downloaded it and fully installed. Great, beautiful library!
So the question is:
Is there a full list of free loops and libraries for Cubase or other Steinberg vst inst. users that is missing after Cubase installation?

I’ve found this one

But it’s not so clear for me what is free and what is for sale.
For Ex: Ambient Lounge is for sale at €79.99. Installed and working for free…
Blues Essentials for Groove Agent? Missing… For sale at € 24.99. Free for Steinberg users???
Don’t know. Shall i check one by one?

So please be kind as Im’ new to this system.
Thanks in advance!

You can see the content that is included with Cubase Pro by looking at the Cubase Pro 11 section in the Steinberg Download Assistant on your computer.

The items listed there are included, those not listed in that section are separate purchases.

Yep exactly that wasn’t really clear for me.
Great, Thank you very much!