Cubase Sound Stuttering only when VST-Window is openend

Hey all,

I have a mixing project with 20 audiotracks and using some VSTs…
When I add a VST on the Master Bus, like ADPTR Metric AB for example and open the Plugin-GUI the sound is stuttering so much that it’s impossible to use it. It also happens when I add Ozone on the Master Bus and open the Plugin-Window. Does this mean my internal graphic card is too weak? When I close the Plugin-window the sound is running smooth although the plugin is enabled and working…
I have selected the highest possible latency on my audiocard (Fireface UFX) which is 2048 Samples. Is there anything else I could improve?
I am working on a Macbook Pro 2012, Catalina. 8GB RAM / 2,5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 and Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB as graphic card.

What version of Cubase just out of curiosity?

I am using Cubase 11 Pro

For those interested: Disabling Asio Guard was the solution, no more audio dropouts since then

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Thanks for also posting the solution <3