Cubase Soundstage problems

I’ve been using Cubase 9 Artist for a year or so now, and although my exported mixes always have great stereo imaging I find it impossible to set-up Cubase so that the soundstage when producing and playing back the track live (within Cubase) sounds the same as the actual exported soundstage.

I’ve tried all the different panning laws, but whatever I do I cannot get a sound to hard-pan left or right within Cubase itself (even though when exported, the panning behaves as expected). There is always crossover.

I’ve noticed this problem before, but it became particularly evident in my last mix when I used autopan on a synth part. When I was setting the autopan width I needed to set the width to about 80% to even hear the panning effect “live” in Cubase, but when I exported the mix it was very clear that the synth was now jumping far too wide in the stereo field. The soundstage was totally different to how it was when playing the project in Cubase.

This resulted in me needing to make several exports just so I could go back into Cubase each time and adjust the panning width (offline, so to speak) to account for this increased width in the exported soundstage.

This is annoying. I am hoping that I have simply overlooked something? Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Currently my panning law is set to -6dB.

Although I’m certain my audio routing has nothing to do with it, since the soundstage is fine when playing audio outside Cubase, I’ll add that I’m using RME Babyface asio drivers.

Just in case anyone wonders, it was (as it usually is) my fault. Not Cubase’s…

I’d fiddled with some settings in my RME TotalMix at least a month ago and forgot to change them back. A channel that shouldn’t have been mono was. I’ll blame TM’s rather impenetrable GUI for that…

Now everything is working perfectly again. Amazing that it took me so long to notice really given how obvious the difference is now. :blush: