Cubase specific help for Melodyne, also Update 4.2.3

Just found this and didn’t see it in the forum so thought I’d post it:

Celemony has a nice Cubase 10.0.30/Nuendo 10.1 help page which is also specific for the version of Melodyne you use (Studio/Editor/Assistant/Essential).

There’s also a quick workflow overview video on YT:

Finally, there is a update to Melodyne (4.2.3) that fixes a bug saying your install is expired. Login to your user account to download.


Thanks, I didn’t see this. I must say the Celemony ppl have a strange way of labeling their updated software, going from 4.02.02 to seems odd…

The official is, but in the e-mail they called it 4.2.3, so I went with that since it was easier.

You’re right. That said, my Program Uninstaller shows it as ‘4.02.0301’. :slight_smile:

Too, I find it odd that a company as seemingly advanced as Celemony is, can’t develop an update that uninstalls the previous version of Melodyne. I don’t think I have any software currently that makes me directly uninstall a previous program. Oh well, it works!

I’ve never had to uninstall my previous version and I’ve never had more than one version on my DAW. I just double-checked the Melodyne folder to make sure that only the current version was there. Are you changing away from the default folder? On Windows or Mac?

I’m on Win10. I started with Essential and then upgraded to Assistant. When I did this, after installing the Assistant version, my DAW still recognized the Essential program first, not the Assistant, and yep, they were both installed in the Celemony created folder. And actually, although the two programs are different, the versions actually use the same name, Melodyne 4.02.02, and hence I think the confusion Win10 had with it. Yes, I am saying that the two Melodyne programs - Essential and Assistant are very different but they were labeled the same.

Actually, with this latest download, the Melodyne site posted the instructions to uninstall any previous versions that might be on the DAW. This is what I did.

But you asked about the Celemony created folders? Yes, I let Celemony choose where and what they installed. If you I opted for the 64bit product, you will find a Celemony created folder in the C drive Programs folder (64bit), and also the 32 bit program in the Celemony folder in Programs (x86). I deleted the folder in Programs (x86) since I don’t need it.