Cubase/SpectraLayers ARA Display Weirdness

The selected audio event is associated with SpectraLayers via ARA. When I hit return, SpectraLayers opens up in the lower zone, but the display is all messed up.

SpectraLayers 8.0 10, Cubase 11.0.30, Windows 10 completely updated.

And then things got even wierder.

Confirmed this bug. Seems that you are in the HDPI mode… And the main bad news that Steinberg probably will fix it just in the next version…

Thanks for the confirmation.

Have you tried posting in the dedicated SpectraLayers pages too…? The main developer, @Robin_Lobel is quite attentive/responsive there…
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Yeah. It was mentioned by myself as well. Check this post

I posted this in the SL Forum this afternoon.