Cubase, Spectrasonics plugins and latency

I have Omnisphere, Trilian and Trilogy. I work on Lenovo R500 (2.26 GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM) with E-mu 1616m interface. DAW is Cubase 5.5. When I raise the latency to 75ms I experience problems on theese three plugins. Trilogy plays with the delay depending of the level of latency . Trilian shortens the sound proportionally to the latency level and Omnisphere mod envelopes don’t play tight in time when the latency is high. How can I solve these problems? The pluggins from the other manufacturers I have are not latency reactive during playback. I’ve contacted Spectrasonics support and they told me to go the Steinberg support. Steinberg suggested to try different drivers e.g. Asio4all. When I switch to the Asio4all drivers problem is the same… Why Cubase does not compence latency to this pluggins?
Has somebody experinced similar problems?


Do you have Plugin Delay Compensation enabled in Cubase? Why set the latency so high?

Where can I enable it. I’ve been searching for this in manual but cannot find this option.

Top left corner of the Project Window.

You mean constrain delay compensation. Yes I’ve tried it and it doesn’t help.
Why the buffer so high? I use a lot of pluggins and it was good for smooth playback except those pluggins.

Rendering the tracks would be a better way to go to free up resources. What are your system specs?

Windows XP Pro SP3, Lenovo R500 2.20 GHz Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM

Yeah, I can render or freeze, but is not so useful during composing or arraganging process.

What soundcard? I hear you on rendering. This is a laptop? What’s the speed of the HDD?

E-mu 1616m PCMCIA
internal HDD 5400rpm for project
external WD MY Book Essentiall 2TB 7200rpm USB for samples

Ahhh, the 5,400 RPM drive isn’t good for multi-track audio, 7,200 is recommended. That’s probably where the bottle neck is. The ASIO meter in Cubase doesn’t represent CPU, it reps ASIO throughput of your soundcard. Not sure of the speed of the PCMCIA as compared to USB or Firewire so that could be an issue, also. You’d have to do some research

I experience these problems not only in power consuming projects but also when I load only one instrument e.g Trilian. No difference:-(

I’ve found half solution of my problem. I use asio4all and set the buffer at 2048 and in the latency compensation section I set in at 1024 and out at 0. In Trilian I disable Round Robin and release sounds. I can work quite smoothly with Trilian, Omnisphere and other pluggins in the project. My conclusion is that Spectrasonics pluggins are very latency output sensitive. The thing I really can’t understand is why Cubase doesn’t compence the latency while playing back these instruments just like it does with other pluggins?

Could anybody from Steniberg Team tell me why Cubase doesn’t compence the latency while playing back Spectrasonics instruments just like it does with other pluggins?


Hmm i dont have any latency with these plugins and i use 512.


Could you make me a favour? Could you raise the buffer to 2048 and see what would happen, please? Especially I’m intersted in fast note phrases in Trilian and arpeggiator in Omnisphere…