Cubase speeding up tempo in project

Hi there,

I was working on one of my projects today, which has lot’s of midi and audio tracks.

There was a corruption on one of my recorded audio-files, so I rebooted the computer.

When I opened up my project again, the whole thing had been sped up by approx 10 bpm, both on audio and midi tracks.So it’s been

However, the tempo in my project is the same as before - 114 bpm.

I have a feeling this might have something to do with my sound card, but I’m clueless at the moment. Tried googling for some time, but couldn’t find any solutions.

It’s a couple of days work in the project, so would be hard to start over.

Any of you guys heard about this before?


Switch between 44k and 48k sample rate would do something like that.

Check out project setting for sample rate and also check in project pool what recorded sample rate you have on clips there.

Having this kind of problem, it might be that project sample rate is different and no conversion was made as you started it again.