cubase speeding up the audio even though sample rate is the same

i have a bad problem that i cant seem to fix

when i load up audio files into cubase, the audio is sped up. my initial reaction was to think that the sample rate was 44k on the audio and 48 on the project. however, this problem is there even when both project and audio are 44k, or both of them are 48k
it happens from widely different audio sources,weather recorded by me, or weather it is a song i bought online.

i cannot even go to the audio pool conform the sample rate of the audio to the project, because cubase tells me it already matches.
i have been asking around online to no avail, and i have even submitted a support ticket one week ago to steinberg. they never got back to me.

just so you know, the main use for cubase is mixing audio for video. i dont know if the fact that im working with video is relevant to the problem. im fully aware thar most video projects are at 48k

i once managed to get around it by messing with one audio file, upsampling and downsampling , and somehow got it working when i was under pressure, which leads me to believe that sample rates are something to do with it, but i cant figure out what.

all of my other software, for video editing, DJing etc, is able to play back audio files at their native speed without any problems.

i really hope i can fix this soon as my job is basically paralyzed until i fix it. the problem was not here before, but seems to have appeared recently.

It‘ s the samplerates of your audio interface, and your Cubase project, that don‘ t match.

hi svennilenni

thanks for your fast response.

the audio interface im using is the on board sound interface of my laptop

how do i change this?
which one do i have to fix, cubase or the audio device?

and why do i have to change it with cubase and not any other software?

ok , i realised now that my audio card doesnt support 44.1k (or so cubase tells me)

but my cubase projects were defaulting to 44.1k lately, and i saw no reason to change them because my audio was also 44.1

however if i set the project to 48k ,before i import anything ,then the audio plays fine, weather its 44.1k or not.

Did you check if there are any 44.1k options for your card in windows audio settings?