Cubase start fail everywhere

i have Cubase pro 11 on WIN10.
Suddenly crackling vocals, crackling guitars. Crackling output, i feel i’m limited every week more and more, because i start search solutions like turn gains lower, remove some inserts.
One day i reinstalled everything. Seems start working better, but not for long, after 1 week Cubase stikes again. Side chain start working very strange, it seems every time i open same project and push same buttons they work different. I think i came to point there i understood that i need another DAW. It seems Cubase very very UNSTABLE. It works fine untill you push limits. Maybe someone has same problems . Please write you review if you use this soft many years. And if you use another DAW.

Normally once makes the sample buffer larger when this is happening.

Is this the same problem you were having in December? Cubase 11 start crackling very bad

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