Cubase start up fails periodically. "no valid license found"


I’m using a MacPro on Cubase. and every now and then, i get a sign that pops up “no valid license found. The program will quit now” when opening Cubase … and cubase won’t open :frowning: …The remedy is that, i have to unplug the eLicensor and plug it back in every time.

For e.g. - I’ll have Cubase open and work on a project. After i’m done, i’ll close it … 20 mins later, when i come back to open cubase it happens. However, like i said, it happens periodically and also spontaneously. At times i’ll get the notice when i just freshly turn on my computer.

Its a huge inconvenience, Especially when i’m in front of my artists and have to unplug and plug things back and forth.

Aloha a,

1-Hate to say this but it might a
USB port in your Mac packing its bags to head south.

This occurrence is rare but over the years
this has happened to me twice,
once on desktop and once on laptop.

2-The dongle itself might be a lil ‘wonky’.
Best to just replace it and transfer your info
onto it from the old one.
A new one is not that expensive.

If it is not #2, have yer 'puter checked out.

HTH (hope this helps)