Cubase start-up problems


After working with cubase 6 for a few weeks. I suddenly have a big problem.

It will not start up anymore.

At first i thought i might have changed a file somewhere. So i uninstalled, and reinstalled.

Same problem. I downloaded the new software patch. Still the same problem.

I read a bunch of stuff on this forum, and decided that i had to upgrade my “stand - alone” pc running on XP sp2 to sp3. After that I reinstalled cubase 6, and still it crashed. I reinstalled the update… and guess what it stil crashes.

I’m getting a bit frustrated over here, becouse I don’t get any reaction, on my request forms.
So hopefully somebody out here knows what the issue is.

Pc :
AMD phenom II quad 955 Black Ed.
Asus m2n sli deluxe.
Crucial ballistics 4gb Ram
Some raptor Hdd’s
2x M-audio profire
Emu 1616m
Windows XP pro sp3
No direct internet connection.

cubase studio 4 an cubase 5 are still installed as backup.

it’s always on the same: initialising Video file handling. screen that it crashes.
the failure screen i get then reads:

and so on…
the files it then want’s to send back are:

so that’s all the info i have.



You should try trashing the preferences. There may be a setting that is interfering with startup. Reinstalling does not clear the preferences. You can just move the folder to the desktop or somewhere and see if it helps.[productfamily]=2

Have you looked at the appcompat.txt…it may give you a clue?

@ Jaslan

thanx a lot,
you saved my day.
works perfectly

took me all over 10 seconds :slight_smile:

i guess the next time, instead of complaining with steinberg, i’ll ask my questions right here.
works a lot faster.

have a good night :wink:

grtz TomB