Cubase started to do strange things?


For some reason Cubase has started to do things it hasn’t done in the past.
Firstly, when I load it from my taskbar in Windows 10, an extra Cubase icon appears at the far right on the task bar (see attached image)
Also, Cubase always asks me to save a project before closing regardless of whether I’ve just saved it or not without making any changes?

Cubase has never done these things until the past couple of weeks? Any idea why?

I get a tab on the Taskbar for every open Cubase Window (e.g. Project, MixConsole, Editor, etc.). Windows has several options on how to display and/or combine these tabs o the Taskbar. Perhaps that got accidentally changed?

If there is any modulation occurring in your Project, Cubase can see that as something that is continuously changing. So whenever you Save the Project, it looks like it has changed since the last Save a few seconds earlier. You may not have made a change, but some plug-in might have.


Thanks for the reply. Yes I have most of my standalone audio programs pinned to the taskbar including Cubase. Normally when I open Cubase there is a double tab on top of each other but for some strange reason during his past couple of weeks, a double tab opens at the far right of the taskbar in addition to the already pinned tab!?
However, today this didn’t happen and Cubase loaded as normal despite me not making any changes at all?

I may have found why Cubase asks to save the project when closing despite saving it just a couple of seconds before clicking on close. There is possibly something odd going on with my M-Audio Code 61 editor and today when I tried to open it I had a message saying can’t open, please re-install. I guess if the Code 61 drivers have gone wonky there may be commands being transmitted to Cubase which is why it keeps asking me to re-save!?