Cubase startet nicht

Hi, meine Frage ist vielleicht bescheuert, treibt mich aber langsam in den Wahnsinn.
ich habe ein nagelneues Cubase 7 (Lieferstatus Ende Oktober 2013) auf meinem Win 7 64 Bit System installiert. eLicencer ist ok, zeigt alles korrekt an.
Aber ich kann kein Cubase starten. Da ist nichts, das ich anklicken könnte.
Die Installationsapp hat alles mögliche installiert (unter Programme/Steinberg) - aber nichts das nach Cubase 7 aussieht. Direkt im Verzeichnis steht nichts und im Startmenü auch nicht.

Der Installer hatte eine 14,5 MB Datei aus dem Web gezogen, eLicenser gab mir eine 7.5 Lizenz.

Ich krieg das Ding aber nicht zum Starten.

Wer weiß rat? Was könnte das schiefgelaufen sein? Habe inzwischen alles einmal deinstalliert und neu installiert - nix. Update-Versuch auf 7.5.10 liefert: Kein 7.5 installiert.

I’m Dutch and you’re on the English part of the website, so I’ll answer you in English.

You say you’ve downloaded a 14,5 MB file from the internet, that’s possibly just the update! You should not only install the update, but the entire package, which is 2 ISO’s of a few GB. You can download it from the steinberg site.

Install that first, then the update! :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks.
I try to download the full package. After wasting hours with reading dozens of forums and threads with hint that very often contradict each other I think I found out the reason after following your main hint: The Cubase Installer does not install Cubase 7 if he can not download the latest version of the app. It simply does not use my DVD for the installation.

And that is not only stupid but also a big problem for me. As I am German, baught the package in Germany, but live currently in the Philippines. Downloading the full 7.5 installation Set with about 7,4 GB takes one week - but only if there is no brownout and connection crash. Else it is simply impossible to download such a big packet

The smaller 791 MB update works only on an existing 7.0.x Installation. But that is what I miss. I got all support material - but not the core Cubase 7 main application. It is licensed and registered, but I can not install it from DVD.

Well, I try to download the full 7.5.10 packet and try again. Else I will have to wait until summer and install it back in Germany - and use a different product in the meantime. Steinerg is very restrictive. Maybe the download from Installer was blocked because of my Philippine IP. I was even not allowed to buy it online in Germany and send it to my German address. Had to use a online shop I know. Poor service for an 539 Euro application…!