Cubase starting as Artist instead of Pro

Hi there,
Cubase sometime starts randomly as Pro or Artist on my new Mac Mini. I’ve downloaded and installed pro (and have of course the license).
Has anybody else this? It’s really weird…

Cheers, Matze!

Cubase and MacOs are on latest versions.


Make sure you have the latest eLCC installed, please.

Thank you for answering. All Software is on latest version, it‘s a brand bew system. I‘ll try another usb port so far…

Yes, I have. A few other people have started threads about this as well. I moved my licences to a different dongle, but the problem remained.

For me, the solution was to move the dongle to a different port. I use a Caldigit thunderbolt docking station which has a number of usb ports - I think the dock was struggling to power all my usb devices. Since moving ports, the problem has disappeared.


Cool, thanks, I‘ll try!