Cubase starts project playback after Export Audio Mixdown

Every time; whether from a queued job or a one-off. These are not ‘Real-Time’ exports and ‘Do Nothing’ is selected for post-processing. Been happening since v11 release.

Anyone else.?

I’ve done a lot of exports in Cubase 11 and never had any such thing happen.

Yes, I’ve had the same thing happen to me!

But I just went to try to recreate it and it didn’t happen this time.

Thanks for the responses; couldn’t tell (no info in signatures) what OS either of you are on… click my name tag and you’ll see my specs listed (I’m on Win10).

Its an odd one…

Latest Win 10 Pro. Latest Cubase 11.

Ok, thanks @rageix - then you’re same as me…

Ho-hum… so I’ll live with it/do some more checks sometime :upside_down_face: