Cubase starts to "record" when playback arrives in the cycle zone

I never use this feature so I was not even aware of it, and now it’s really annoying.

So, I have a Cubase 12 project, I keep a cycle zone at the part that I want Cubase to play back repeatedly. I often start playing the song before the cycled zone. But now it immediately enables the record button (next to the Play button) when the cursor reaches the cycle/loop zone! Even after I turn off all the record buttons on individual tracks, it still turns the main record button on. It activates the record button in the cycle even when the cycle itself is deactivated!

I don’t know how this happened and why. I can’t turn it off if I don’t know where this annoying feature originated from.

Press I, you probably activated punch in unwillingly.

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Amazing how simple! :open_mouth: Much appreciated!

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