Cubase stereo combined panner erratic behaviour with CC121

When using stereo combined panner in Cubase i can move the pan from Left to center but not from Right to center. When i switch the panner to Stereo balance panner it works ok.
I rather prefer to use Stereo combined panner mode as a personal preference for stereo tracks.
Anyone can confim this please?

no one?

It’s because the Left & Right sides each have an independent control. I don’t recall the cc number. But if you record some Automation by moving them around you can look at the Track’s Automation & figure it out pretty easily.

By the way you can move them past Center & reverse the Left & Right. I mostly use the Stereo Combined Panner too. It’s great for taming Virtual Instruments that think the whole Panorama belongs to them.

But it means is not well built then! For us using the Combined mode at least is a pain for fast panning automation during the mixing process…
This is what i get with the cc121

Maybe is is more detailed for people to watch

I found a Project with Panner Automation. The left edge of Combined Stereo Panner is unintuitively named the Standard Panner - Pan Left-Right and the right edge is called Standard Panner - Pan Left-Right2

In this screenshot you can see at the Cursor’s Position the Panner’s right edge is actually on the left side of the Panorama.

Thanks for that raino.
And did you automate using the cc121? i cant seem to reproduce that using the cc controller. I know that for this panning there are two automation lanes, but unfortunately the cc1212 rotary con only write data from left to center.

No, I don’t have a cc121. But in any case you’d need 2 knobs to control the Combined Panner - one for each side. Odd that it’s restricted to only left thru center since both sides of the Panner can go anywhere between full left & right. I think I wrote that automation using a mouse’s scrollwheel.

Can’t you use the user assignable knob on the right? Or two of them?

Those are the 4 buttons in the cc121. there is a rotary but can only be assigned to this :

oh. ugh.

Yes, that´s the feeling!
i wonder why no one complained yet about this, cc121 is such an “old” device.

NO one else has a better idea on how to solve this ?
Would Stainberg be able to make it happen ?