Cubase still crashes on close

Still get a Cubase has stopped working in Cubase 9.0.1. Windows 10, 64 bit, I get the error even if I don’t open a project. Just cancel on the first dialog and then file->quit. Is there a crash log or something somewhere I should submit?

Interesting thing is if I install any vst 2 64 bit plug in in a new folder, add that folder and rescan, I can then close Cubase without a crash. Next time I open Cubase and close it again the crash is back.

And yes, I tried an uninstall, reinstall, and deleted all the preferences neither of which made a difference.

Do you use video? If not disable ‘videoengine’, rename it by adding something like XXX so you can change it back, in Cubase/Components folder

Solves a lot of issues, random freezes and crashes etc.