Cubase still has poor plugin window management

other DAWs have this feature already: Logic, Pro Tools,…

for example:
I have 22 tracks, on every track is a NEVE EQ from UAD inserted.
Now if I select track 1, the EQ window from the NEVE channel 1 plugin should open on top.
Now if I select track 9, the “old” EQ window should close and the channel 9 plugin window should open on top. and so on…
It works with the build in Cubase channel EQ, but why not with 3rd party plugins. This isvery poor :frowning:

Also it should be possible to assign 1 midi controller (Behringer BCR 2000) to control all 22 NEVE plugins in the inserts of the 22 tracks. So if track 5 is selected, the midi controler should control the NEVE plugin of track 5 only.

This feature would really makes mixing in a DAW much much easier and comfortable.

Thank you!

For as long as you insert the same plugins in the SAME slot number per channel you can set up a controller in generic remote using “selected channel” instead of the normal channels listed in the generic remote.

in the generic remote:

top list: control name: use an unique name or your settings will be lost (example: EQ1gain, EQ2gain etc)

bottom list: it willl display your chosen controlname after scrolling the bottom window (needs to be “refreshed”)
device: choose mixer, or VSTmixer (I don’t know if they behave different, anybody?)
Channel/category: choose “selected”
Value/action: as long as you have a channel selected in the mixer with your favorite plugin, it will show the controlable parameters of the plugin. So if you have your neve in slot 4, this is where you have to look (inserts/slot4>>parameter)

this will work for all channels that have the neve plugin inserted in the same slot.

As for the automatic opening and closing the next plugin: you are right, it is awfull. I’m not aware of other platforms exept for “studio one” that have this feature already…(logic? protools?..??) but this is limited to one plugin at the time as far as I know.

I wanted to see all “active” plugins of the selected channel during mixing, regardless ofwhat plugin it was, or in which slot. For this to work I created a script for “bome miditranslator pro”, this script is switched on or off by a button on my controller (ipad/BCR2000) named “open with plugins”. Bome is placed in between the controller and cubase on both in and outputs for this to work, so setup is rather complicated, but the effect is that when you activate the button, it first closes all plugins, and then opens only all active plugins on the selected channel. When you select another channel, this script repeats itself…So it is possible, but not easy…This feature should be intergrated with cubase for shure…(not to mention the problems with your controller when your plugin is in another slot…)

A solution for you would be to program 8 of the buttons of your BCR with the open/close plugin buttons of the 8 inserts, (VST mixer>selected>Ins. 1-8 Edit)
and one with the “close all plugins” command, so you can at least do this by hand. (command>mixer>Windows:close all plugins)


thanks a lot, this really works !! whow didnt know that this is possible so far.
hopefully cubase 7 will have better plugin display options.
And yes, Logic and Protools offer this “actual plugin on top” option already.

thank you very much

Yep, +1 Steinberg, I’d like a mode where the display of plugins follows my selected channel, been asking for it for years now… It would help with mixing massively I think.


Excellent info. :sunglasses:

yes this is absolutely essential !!!

Studio one has this and it’s of great help with workflow.