Cubase STILL not saving and recalling Melodyne ARA edits correctly

Cubase Pro 11.0.30 is still not saving and reloading Melodyne edits with ARA. Extremely poor. You spend ages doing Melodyne edits and save them. You then reopen the song to see the message that the file is corrupted and Melodyne will try to rebuild them, which generally fails. Edits lost. At this point some of you will jump in with Render In Place or Bounce selection. Yes, both of these work in terms of giving user a rendered , edited file. And I have had to resort to it. But they don’t allow user to confidently work on an edit, save it and reopen the edit later for further tweaking. Celemony say it is a host issue. Steinberg don’t seem to say anything or do anything about it. It’s got to the point where I am using vari-audio instead which is good but not AS good. Steinberg; please fix ARA for Melodyne in Cubase. It’s a really important thing for many users.

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