Cubase still running in PROCESSES after closing


I’ve noticed that when I close Cubase, there are always a few instances of it showing in “Processes” under Task Manager in Windows 10. Does anyone know why this happens? How I can avoid it? Thanks!

A few things to help us to possibly help…

Please list system and CB specs.

  • How are you closing Cubase? Meaning, are you closing the project first. Waiting for it to close properly. Then hitting the “X” (top right location) to close Cubase?
  • Does the Cubase process in the taskbar go away after a minute or two?
  • Did you just notice this recently?
  • Have you tried installing the latest eLicenser software. Then running it as administrator and doing the maintenance tasks?

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It’s normal for a Cubase process to continue running for a short time after the GUI closes. It’s doing some housekeeping tasks in the background like saving your preferences & sending your personal info to a certain Nigerian prince :astonished: .

You’ll see something similar if you close Chrome with a bunch of open tabs.

How long does this process continue to run?