cubase stock instruments don’t sound good

Did any of you ever create an entire Song, Beat, Instrumental or backing track for a song using only cubase stock instruments, loops and samples ? Can you share a link please. Or show an example if someone else’s work using only cubase’s stock instruments ?

I tried and couldn’t create anything sounding good enough, always had to use 3rd party instruments. And so far have never heard anyone else do it.
I heard great music created using stock instruments / loops / samples in Logic, Ableton Live sand even FL-Studio.
( several Grammy award winning songs were made using stock Logic content )

Have you tried downloading the various demo songs ?
Not that I particularly like those songs :slight_smile:

I created this

there are only the vocals and the guitar added- a classic guitar modeled with the virtual amplifiers of Cubase, clean and distorted

all the rest drums, bass, organ, pads…are instruments bundled with Cubase Elements

it is a home studio project, I hope is decent enough.

Cubase has good instruments and samples, more than enough to produce nice songs. Of course there is not an entire orchestra with all the articulations…and the instruments would sound much better if I would be better at mixing -this is the first song I recorded…

By the way I choose Cubase not in order to win a Grammy Award with his stock instruments :laughing: but because I think his editing capabilities, reputation, quality /price, convinced me more than his competitors. We all end up to buy third party instruments and plugins… :confused:

Yes. Many of Rompler / Synth sounds from them reminded me of Casio