Cubase stopped seeing ASIO drivers and Card

It used to, and then it suddenly stopped. It was working fine earlier in the day and has been working well for about 2 years now and then it just behaves like there is no sound card.

Running Windows 7 64 Bit
M-Audio Delta 2496

I even installed ASIO4All and it doesn’t see that.
I did a repair on Cubase, I reinstalled my audio drivers and still the same issue.
the PC sees the card and can play sounds from it just fine, but not Cubase.

Here are some screen shots, can someone please help?

Thanks for your answer. Nothing changed as far as I know, although I did install UVI Workstation and it updated my PACE driver, but that’s not related. I did a system restore to no avail. It’s as if Cubase and even standalone VSTs recognises the cards direct sound capabilities but nothing regarding ASIO. Installing ASIO4all (someone will suggest this) won’t solve the problem either. I’m wondering now if I should re-install Cubase.

I’m not familiar with M-Audio Delta 2496, but …

  1. If it’s a FireWire device, I would recommend to search Windows Device Manager for some spooky Video Devices and if found, uninstalling them. It’s not unheard of Windows recognizing a FireWire audio device as a Video device.
  2. If it’s a PCI device, I would recommend to move it into a different PCI slot. This may help the driver to re-establish communication with the device.