Cubase stopped seeing some native plugins + reason rack

Cubase suddenly stopped showing backbone, retrologue, padshop, reason rack, and maybe some other instruments. Now I open my projects and these instruments are missing but folders with these plugins are selected in the settings. Tried to reinstall Cubase, all the same. Maybe someone may advise what could be the issue?!

Those are VST 3 instruments. They should always be installed to the following path:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3
MacOS: Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3

If you attempted to move them out of these folders, please move them back or reinstall your plug-ins. The paths you can set in the VST Plug-in Manager are for VST 2 plug-ins only.

If you’re using MacOS with an Apple Silicone/M1 CPU, please make sure that the latest versions of these plug-ins are installed.

Please open the VST Plug-in Manager in Cubase and check if any plug-ins have been added to the Blocklist.

Thank you for your reply.

Here is a path to retrologue as example.

Retrologue and Padshop are not on the blocklist.

Reason rack due to some reason now is there what seems strange because people use it normally as I saw.