Cubase stopping playback

I’m working on several tracks and have had no problems up untill now. I have cubase 12 pro and a Asus tuff a115 with ryzen seven. It’s a fast laptop. My driver’s are I’ve updated every vst, library and plugin I have. I have re installed cubase and for some reason, when I hit the play button it randomly stops playing. I literally updated the entire system. Effects, instruments and drivers and it still persists. Has any one encountered this issue and is there a solution. Any feed back would be appreciated.


What Audio Device do you use? Could you try to increase The Audio Device’s Buffer Size, please?

Hello, I’m running a UMC404 at 512 samples. I Up’d that to 1024 and then 2048 and still have the problem.


Make sure, there is no plug-in in the Trial/Demo mode, please.

I would also inspect the Task Manager, if there is no other task, that occupies the system or eats too much CPU power.