Cubase stops updating display

This has been happening a few times a day. (WIN 7 64 bit). Whatever I’m doing Cubase just stops updating the display. It is still running fine and all I have to do to get the display back is minimize Cubase and bring it back.

Not a dealbreaker, but quite annoying especially when tracking. Has anybody else seen this?

Graphics Drivers up to date?

not in Cubase, but in Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 x64, using automapped (4.3) plugins without the automap capable hardware attached… maybe a hint?..

You’re running Cubase 64 bit too, right?

In response to queries, Cubase 5 is 64 Bit with the latest update. Video adapter is ATI FireGL V3300, drivers are the latest. I’m wondering if it’s about the Video adapter. Nobody so far has seen this behavior.

I’m about to start using Cubase 6.5 which I’ve delayed trying because I was in mid-project. See if that helps.