Cubase stops when browser open

Why Is Steinberg support so slow?? I emailed them 8 days ago & apart from a ‘request received’ reply I’ve heard nothing

Anyway, mine is a basic problem, some box not ticked somewhere but I can’t figure out where!

Problem: Cubase Pro 8.5 audio stops when I open my browser. Also when I’ve opened Cubase I get no sound from any of my other audio devices. This has only just started happening, it’s been fine for years.

I have ‘Release driver when application is in background’ ticked

Don’t know if this is the cause but when I open Cubase a ‘missing ports’ box comes up saying: Input 1 > Out > Unmapped

Hope you can help please


And in all the time you have never thought about unticking the box and see, what happens. And instead email support, to then complain about the support being so slow…?

You mean unticking the ‘Release driver when application is in background’ box? Of course I’ve tried that

And what happened? This should Keep Cubase playing.

Thanks yes, that works now but my other point was that my other audio devices won’t play & browser won’t stream while Cubase is open. Everything was working perfectly until recently. I use Audient iD14 interface

What are those „other devices“? Software or hardware? Do you use the Audient for windows playback also, or inbuilt audio chip?

By devices I just mean my music players - Winamp, WMP etc. Yes I use my Audient for Windows playback. It seems I’ve solved the problem now tho, I just tried plugging the Audient into a different port & everything’s back to how it should be. I knew it would be something simple! Many thanks for your help Svennilenni, sorry to be a pain


You´re welcome…