Cubase stuck on Studio Manager Initialization

Cubase no longer opens and gets stuck/crashes upon Studio Manager Initialization. I’ve been using it extensively day-in and out for the past month hammering out a soundtrack, and now a handful of days before I need to complete the final tracks nothing works. So far I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the E-licenser and run maintenance through it to no avail. Otherwise I haven’t been able to find much in ways of how to solve this.

Please help.

can you try deleting preferences (back them up first)

I’ve been trying to via the Ctrl+shift+Alt command but nothing is happening. Going to look for another route.

start with the obvious ones :slight_smile:

Thank you. I tried backing up Cubase9_64, deleting it and running Cubase anew (scrapping all preferences) but now it just crashes loading Halion rather than Studio Manager. :confused:

did it do a full plugin scan when you started again ?

No, it got to Halion (which I think is the first one) and crashed.

crashes - or hangs ?

Hangs indefinitely. But I’m starting to feel this is connected to a windows update as now all of a sudden I can no longer right click on anything without Windows Explorer crashing. Fml.

that doesn’t sound good - you can normally uninstall a windows update, look at the Windows 10 Settings

I have also got chrash ande hang on Studio Manger and Audio engine in both Cubase 9.5 and Dorico 3.5. Seems like a Steinberg - Windows problem.

I just updated to Window 10 20H2 and today had the same hang on Initializing Studio Manager in Cubase (11). Rebooting the PC fixed the problem (for now).

same problem again today on startup. Rebooting the (only just started) PC fixed it. Weird though…

For others searching for this:
I also had Cubase startup hang on “Initializing Studio Manager”
However, waiting for a fairly long time (probably a full minute? two?) made it proceed, and now it works alright.
I wonder if Studio Manager is actually the problem, or if there’s something else it does right after, but doesn’t tell us about?

I also have Studio manager makes Cubase hangs at startup for more or less 30 seconds. If I start Cubase as administrator it starts normally though. So I always start Cubase as administrator.

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