Cubase studio 4.0.2 windows 8

Hello, I have cubase studio 4(4.0.2) on windows XP system.

Is there anyway I can reinstall on windows 8 or windows 7?

What will happen concerning activation codes?

Cheers, Zac.

Used activation codes are no longer usable. I.e. activation codes are one time creatures.

It is the licenses that are the important ones. If your licenses are on a USB dongle, you can move the dongle to any other computer and run Cubase on it, including rebuilding your current one.

If you have software licenses (no USB dongle) then it works a bit different. I am not familiar with this type, so someone else will have to chime in if needed.

I do have a USB dongle thing, that has to be connected to make it run. Are you saying that all I need to do is reinstall on a new computer with windows 8 and plug in the USB dongle and it will work?

Yes, it is the dongle that contains your license for using Cubase. An activation code is only used to transfer/build a license on the dongle.

Technically you can install Cubase on several computers and whichever computer the dongle is connected to can run your Cubase. The others cannot until you insert the dongle, but then the one you took it out of cannot anymore, until re-inserted again, and so on.

Thanks for your help. Thats good news, I’ll probably try it on windows 8 then.