Cubase Studio 4.5.2 and Liquid Mix 16 - Problems

Dear Forum,

i have a problem, which is really stopping me from making music.
I use Cubase Studio 4.5.2. on a Windows XP SP3 32bit system.
My audio-interface is a TC Electronics Studiokonnekt 48.
I also have 2 UAD-1s running.
Each Firewire-device has got its own dedicated firewire-port (Studiokonnekt 48 on a PCI-fw-card (recommended for focusrite saffire interfaces, which are using the same DICE Chip as the TC Electronics Studiokonnekt 48), the LM is connected to its own PCIe-Fw-card).

The problem is, that sometimes, when i insert an instance of the LM vst effect on a channel, the whole channel is muted.
I cant tell whys that, but it occurs regurlarly.

Has anyone expierenced similiar problems?

I tried a whole lot of things, because i thought it depends on the Firewire-thing (my interface is a firewire-interface…). So i bought recommended firewire-cards (i even bought two of the, so i had both, the studiokonnekt and the liquid mix as well hooked to their own, recommended firewire-card). I bought a new graphiccard, because i read somewhere on the internet, that this could be a problem (now i have a ati radeon hd 5450).
I have no clue, what i can do next, so i thought, that it may be a problem with cubase.

Thanks a lot in advance!

And sorry for my bad english, i´m from Germany. And im trying my best to be understandable :slight_smile: