Cubase studio 4 64 bits cant run Rewire and Ableton live 8

Hello, I’m looking for at least 2 hours about my problem.
I wan to launch ableton live 8 (slave) by rewire on my Cubase studio 4 64 bits.
I think the problem is that Rewire is not 64 bits app and, worse, Ableton live 8 it still on 32 bits.
Can anyone have more answer about my issue?
Does somebody make work the ableton live 8 and cubase studio 4 64 bits together.
Thank for helping
:confused: :bulb: :bulb:

Hi robotphono,

I can confirm you that Rewire does not work on 64 bits.

Thank you Guillermo for your answer.

Does anyone have a solution to make work together on Rewire:

  • Cubase Studio 4 64 bits (master mode)
  • Ableton Live 8 32 bits (slave mode)

otherwise, i gone to wait for Ableton Live 64 bits or upgrade my Cubase…


There is no 64-bit Rewire component. So with 64-bit it will never work. Please have a look at the following knowldge base article