Cubase Studio 4 corrupted by Cubase 7.5

Hi All,

I have owned cubase studio 4 for a number of years and recently purchased cubase 7.5 second hand. I used cubase 7.5 for a week or two but decided to sell it as I preferred cubase 4. However after reinstalling cubase studio 4 it installs ok but upon starting up cubase studio 4 I get the following message:

“No valid license detected for padshop.
Please connect your eLicenser and click ‘retry’
Click ‘Cancel’ to stop loading plugin
Make sure to have an unto date version of the license control centre.”

I have tried all of these suggestions without success. I end up having to shut down the pc and trying to start up the application again. I have deleted padshop from application etc but nothing works.

Any suggestions please?