Cubase studio 4 - how to upgrade to pro 8

Hi all,

i have been trying to find an upgrade path / package that i can use to upgrade My cubase Studio 4 to Cusbase pro 8…

I can not sem to find one. on the Steinberg webstie it lists upgrade from

cubase 7.5
cubase 7
cubase 6/6.5
cubase 4/5
cubase artist 8
cubase artist 6/6.5/7/7.5
Cubase elements 6/7, LE AI 4/5/6/7 or sequel 2/3

can i ask if anyone knows if this upgrade is possible?.

many thansk


sorry foud a solution on the Cubase pro 8 page…


Hi, just want to check what hopefully is obvious to experienced members on here.

I run Cubase Studio 4 in conjunction with my Yamaha N8 mixer. If I upgrade to Cubase Artist 8 (I don’t think I need the full blown Cubase 8) will the “new” Cubase retain my “linkage” with the N8 mixer? Further, will it also retain my VST options including my GrooveAgent 3?