Cubase Studio 4 loops and more

I have been using Cubase studio 4 for many years for recording and arranging folk music with digital audio (guitar, vocals) and some midi from the keyboard. I would like to explore creating more ‘modern’ music with loops and samples, but don’t really know where to begin. Can anyone point me in the right direction? The system that I am using is a Carillon PC.

Cubase itself has a plethora of samples and loops in the synth modules contained within the program. If you wish to explore beyond CS4’s capabilities, there are many downloadable loops and samples available on the net if you do a google search.
You can also create your own loops by cutting and pasting from other songs and truncating the parts for easy insertion into your own songs.
If you are in to spending money, the possibilities are endless in finding programs that are self contained in loops, samples and editing.