Cubase Studio 4 Projects


I’ve been using Cubase STudio 4 for many years and yesterday started getting a error message telling me there’d be a severe issue and to save my work.

I’ve no idea why, having been stab;e for years, this has happened.

I’m currently trying to re-install it but it seems so have frozen. This version of Cubase is still working fine on my desktop - it’s the laptop (which is newer) that is having the problems.

If anyone has any advice on this I’d greatly appreciate it.

However, I’m also aware that my version of Cubase is old so I was wondering if anyone knew if my current cubase studio 4 projects (which I’m still working on) would still open in Cubase 8?

Many thanks

Cubase Pro 8 can open Cubase Studio 4 projects, but note that the channel equalizer has been massively improved since then, so if you used it in your projects things will sound different. Not too hard to fix.

Many thanks for the response.

I just wish I knew if the problem lay with the software, E-license or the laptop.

I may try the trial version of Cubase 8 pro (assuming it’s still available to trial) and see how the laptop responds.

Annoyingly, STeinberg themselves see this product (cubase 4) as unsupported so won’t even suggest factors that bring up such error messages, Like I say, my cubase studio 4 set-up has worked and been stable for years.

You haven’t said whether this error is with a specific project or in a new project…and what happened with your possibly frozen re-install in the end??

In fact we don’t even know what o/s you’re on! Give more info if you want to attempt to fault find this.

So, after much investigation I’ve spent most of the day believing that the fault lay with a VST patch. It took some trial and error and a lot of looping but it seems one particular VST instrument was causing the error message to appear. Having started to write this reply I’m now aware that that might not be entirely true.

My reasons for starting this thread was mainly to find out about whether my old cubase projects would open on 8.5pro before buying it. I managed to find the trial version of the software. I opened the project where the crashing had occurred and it started crashing again. This seemed to rule out that it was my old version of Cubase.

This morning I exported my work as a MIDI file and tried it on a different computer (same version of cubase, same O/S of Windows 10) Using the same VST instruments the computer crashed.

It wasn’t until I removed one particular VST instrument that the crashes stopped completely.

Unfortunately though what I’d forgotten about was that, when I installed the trial version of Cubase I never actually used the VST instrument that I believe was causing the crashes. This means that it probably has nothing to do with that. Which means I still am yet to find what is causing the fault.