Cubase studio 4 upgrade to Cubase 6?

Hi all! I’ve been a bit stupid, I bought a Cubase 6 upgrade and then I bought a cubase studio 4 and thought I could use it to upgrade, but I was in for a surprise, it didn’t work and I might as well have thrown the money out the window for the studio 4, as it is worthless.

My question is: Are there any way to get cubase studio 4 to upgrade to Cubase 6 or do I need another Cubase 4 for the upgrade? I have the registration key for both and they are registered at Steinberg.


The one thing you will definitely need is the correct upgrade software. I figure it will be pretty tough to find a reliable CB Studio 4 to Cubase 6 software on the used market.

Bottom line… you need to know which CB 6 upgrade software you purchased. Then purchase whatever that older software would be. Does the upgrade software give you a clue to what software can be upgraded? It might list something during the upgrade failure process (something like “No CB 4 License found to upgrade”).

Oh well… at least you should have a working CB Studio 4. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: