Cubase Studio 4 & Windows 7

I recently purchased a new PC with Windows 7. I previously had a PC with Windows XP. When I loaded my Cubase 4 software on to my new PC, it doesn’t work. If I’m reading the info on the Steinberg web site coorectly, it appears that Cubase 4 is not supported on Windows 7. Is this true, and if so, is there a migration path to a Windows 7 supported version of Cubae?

Go to an (online) shop and look for a Cubase Studio 4 to 6(.5) upgrade.

Doesn’t W7 have some kind of XP compatibility feature?

Yes, Cubase 4 isn’t supported on Windows 7. You should use Cubase 6. Same level, as previous Studio version, there is Artis version, now. Unfortunately, there is no upgrade from Studio to Artist version. There is upgrade to the biggest Cubase 6.5. Contact your local dealer.

There is backward compatibility, in the Windows 7. But you can have lots of problems with plug-ins, sound card, and other drivers.

There is no upgrade from Studio to Artist because Artist is a downgrade from Studio. The only upgrade for Studio is the Cubase full version as Steiny effectively has now removed the Studio version from their production.

Users have successfully used previous versions of Cubase with W7 but it is all at the user’s risk being that Steiny does not support it. If money is not an issue, then yes, upgrade to C6.5. If it is, then I would check the backwards compatibility feature in W7 to see if your driver combinations are indeed compatible. If not, then you will have that upgrade expenditure.