cubase studio 4 with focusrite 18i20

Using cubase Studio 4 - Just replaced input unit with focusrite 18i20. All ins and out show up in connections tab on cubase yet no output or wave when I try to record.

I adding information to previous post regarding Cubase studio 4 and new focusrite 18i20 (replacing Presonus Firewire 26x26 that stopped working): Using iMac with 10.10.5 OS. Digimax D8 also connected to Scarlett unit. All I/O recognized by Cubase. I have used this set up for over 10 years with the only upgrades to OS on iMac.
When I try to playback on established projects the right meter jumps to red for an instant - then no level on the meters on the transport panel. When attempting a test recording, I get a level on the scarlett unit, the track lights up red and scrolls like normal, but no wave is shown. This really seems like the problem is in the Cubase program - am I forgetting part of the set up? I recall getting into another screen to set up DAW assignments when I first started using this set up with the Presonus unit. Any clues for me on that? Should I reinstall Cubase?